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Staff Management Software

Deputy is the ultimate employee management app.

Deputy makes it easy for any business to:

  • schedule employees
  • manage timesheets
  • track performance
  • talk to your team
  • save time & money

 Adams Johnston is a Partner and is Deputy Certified.

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Deputy: online employee scheduling and workforce management software from Xero Limited on Vimeo. Case Study - Cafe & Restaurant

We started the weekly bookkeeping and financial reporting for a restaurant in September 2014. Every week we had the same question, "How much were our wages this week?"

Sometimes the wages were higher than expected and sometimes the employees weren't sure when their shift started. To tell employees when their shift started, involved emails and text messages to each individual employee. This was a time consuming task.

After inviting my clients to the Xero Roadshow in 2014, we set up Deputy that evening! 

The employer now can 

  • see how much the week will cost in wages before the week begins.
  • can have a strategy to have less employees if business is slow
  • set up the weekly schedule, press one button and all employees get their schedule on their phone and email
  • award rates can be set up
  • payroll flows through to Xero
With the employer, we managed to trim an average of 25% off the wages cost, lowering the break even point significantly.
Deputy and Xero are probably the 2 most valuable cloud accounting tools to use in hospitality, accommodation, restaurants and cafes.
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