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Cloud based POS software

Kounta Partner
Kounta's Cloud based Point of Sale (POS) Software System is powerful yet flexible enough to run your POS on Web, Mobile, iPad, Android, Mac and Windows Devices.

Sign in and work from anywhere. Your sales, products and reports are always available, always safe, and always up to date. Kounta works both Online and Offline, once your internet connection is restored your sales are backed up to the cloud. Kounta comes with powerful features like inventory management, real-time reports and analytics, CRM, and loyalty.

Adams Johnston Chartered Accountants are Kounta Partners and expert Cloud Integrators. Let us help streamline your cafe or restaurant and connect Kounta to Xero and other cloud services.

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Authorised Kounta Partner

We are a certified Kounta Specialist

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Key Features

Quick to get started, Kounta is easy to use, yet powerful enough to run your businesses.


Kounta Works On Anything

Kounta is a Point of Sale "POS" Software System that works on iPads, Macs, PC's and also the existing traditional Point of Sale equipment that you have already invested in.


Add On Integrations

Kounta seamlessly connects with a variety of online and mobile services that you already use, or should if you dont, like PayPal, Xero, Sassu, Beat the Q and Deputy.


Supports Unlimited Sites & Kountas

Kounta allows you to access your store on anything, anywhere, anytime while also centralising an unlimited number of stores like franchisees you own or manage.


Centralised Reporting Management

Report on your business from anywhere you go. Filter out what you want and then drill into detailed reports or even tailor reports to suit your needs.


Simple Product Creation & Maintenance

Create and arrange items that you sell, assign them images, colours, codes, barcodes, printer situations and then link them to categories and sales screen groups for getting them into your customers hands.


Stock (Inventory) Control

Kounta's efficient stock control will mean you will have the right amount of stock in the right place at the right time. It also helps to make sure that capital is not tied up unnecessarily, and protects your supply chain.


Kounta Pos System Adams Johnston Partner

Use only what you need

Kounta comes off the shelf with all the necessary features you would expect to find in Point of Sale with customisable add ons to suit your needs while keeping deployment and maintenance simple. With Kounta's enterprise infrastructure, you get effortless scalability, without worrying about hardware, patches or backups.


Mobile Point of Sale, Ordering and Payments

Buying and paying is going mobile!

- Create an interaction with your customers, rather than just a transaction
- Advertise your stores to buyers around you
- Your customers can pre-order and pay using their phones
- Put your store into your customers hands
- Accept Traditional and Mobile Payments
- Know your customers

Kounta Paypal Adams Johnston Cloud Integrators

Authorised Kounta Partner

We are a certified Kounta Specialist.

We offer you the complete package instead of doing it yourselves and can make sure you have an enjoyable Kounta experience.

We have the skills, experience and training to be effective Kounta implementers that can also offer you initial and ongoing technical support

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Call us on 1300 766 919 or email us at michael @

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